• As per the Right to Education 2009, Shri Heeranand Pride Walk Academy follows the scheme, in which 25% students from the weaker section of society will be given admissions for free in the root class of the school that is L.K.G from the 3-4 aged ones.
  • In the root class there are 20 seats, so 25% of it, i: e 5 students will be admitted from weaker and poor section.
  • Forms are available free of cost, from 01/03/2016 – 22/03/2016. Last date of submission of form is 24/03/2016 till 3:00 PM.
  • Admission will be granted by lottery system in case of getting more forms than the available seats. Lottery result will be announced on April 1, 2016 at 11:00 am to 01:30 pm in the presence of parents/guardians and Government authority officer from education office (Alwar) in the school premises.
  • Admission declaring date for the RTE students will be 03/03/2016.
  • List of admission under RTE will be send to the Nodal office on 05/03/2016.
  • All kinds of fees are waived off for the students admitted under this scheme.
  • These students will enjoy the same facilities, studies and social environment as other students do.
  • These students have to submit their parents Income certificate/residence proof/birth certificate or caste certificate (mandatory).
  • This scheme is up to class VIII; the students will get free education up to VIII.
  • The parents are to bear the cost towards stationery, note-books, diary, i-card, uniforms & transportation as and when applicable.
  • Books are provided by the school free of cost under the scheme.

NOTE: In case, the selected candidate does not complete the admission formalities up to the prescribed date, then he/she will forfeited his claim for admission and the vacant seat will be provided to the next waited candidate. Principal